Fild Fence/Farm Sheep Fencing

Fild Fence/Farm Sheep Fencing also called cattle fence or grassland fence.

Fild Fence/Farm Sheep Fencing is made of hot dipped galvanized wire, Outer and inner wire diameter is different, and outside wire with high t/s. This knot acts as a hinge that gives under pressure, then springs back into shape. This provides easy installation because the hinge "gives" while retaining full height for continuing protection and good looks. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility.

Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized or electric galvanized.

Fild Fence/Farm Sheep Fencing is a kind of mesh used in cattle, goat, deer, horse and pig. It is used for grassland, pastures, protection of ecological projects, Papadopoulos grassland, forestry, highway and environment.

Fild Fence/Farm Sheep Fencing has the following benefits including
It is simple in structure;
Easy maintenance;
Short installation period;
Less weight;
Easy for transport;
Good ventilation.

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