Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

DANXIANG is experienced in producing stainless steel wire mesh and cloth.

Stainless steel wire mesh also named ss cloth, ss mesh or stainless steel woven wire mesh.

Varieties according to materials:
304 Stainless steel wire mesh;
304L Stainless steel wire mesh;
316 Stainless steel wire mesh;
316L Stainless steel wire mesh.

Standard roll width: 1m to 48".
Standard roll length of stainless steel wire mesh: 30m to 100".

Stainless steel wire mesh
made from choice wires are used for separation of solids and clear filtration of liquids, as in the cleaning of fuels or hydraulic liquids, or in water treatment.

Square Opening Wire mesh in Stainless Steel: 

Plain weave stainless steel wire mesh:
This is the most commonly used style of weaving. Every second wire is woven in, warp and weft wires run over and under each other alternately and interlock. Plain weave wire meshes guarantee optimum accuracy of apertures or filter pores. Plain weave wire mesh use wires that are thinner than the corresponding apertures.

Twilled weave stainless steel wire mesh:
In cases where increased wire thickness is required in relation to the aperture size, which yield in the weaving process cannot withstand, this style of weave is chosen. At least two wires are woven in pairs, subsequently displacing a single wire. Mesh stability is controlled by a combination of aperture size and wire strength, and displays a slight diagonal trend. Using modern weaving technology, excellent stability of weave can be achieved.

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