Playground Fence

Playground Fence is mainly as perimeter fence for standard professional courses covering basketball court, tennis courts, soccer fields and various sports.  Also called playground fencing. Can be designed with framed panels and chain link gates.

Material types can be plastic mesh or metal galvanized mesh. The plastic mesh sports fence is usually green color plastic netting fence woven in diamond holes. The metal mesh for sports usually refers to green plastic coated chain link fence after galvanized. Other types of sports fencing including galvanized chain link, vinyl coated or stainless steel one are also available upon request.

Playground / Sports Fence Introduction:
Sports ground perimeter fence – covering tennis courts fence - basketball court fence – football court fence - soccer fencing - comes in the form of perimeter fencing and protective fencing to enhance the sports, and the fences are offered in diverse styles, constant new color patterns and long service life.
Sports Perimeter Fence Structures: Mesh fabric, frames, posts and accessories:

Example Project of Galvanized Green Painted Chain Link Sports Fence:
1. Coated wire diameter 3.8mm
2. Mesh 50mm X 50mm
3. Size: 3000mm X 4000mm
4. Vertical Post: diameter pipe 60/2.75mm
5. Horizontal Post: diameter welded steel pipe 60/2.75mm
6. Connection: Welding
7. Anticorrosion treatment: Anti-rust primer paint + advanced metallic paint.

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