Reservoir Fence

Reservoir Fence also named river reservoir fence, fence netting river reservoir, river reservoir cars, reservoir fence mesh, reservoir cars, fence netting, river river fence mesh, fence of the channel, channel of cars

Reservoir Fence product introduction:
In the river, water source, reservoir, etc in order to prevent someone stumble and construction at the fence with beautiful and protection purposes.

Commonly used reservoir fence (river reservoir cars) specifications:

High quality low carbon steel wire welding 

Mesh hole(mm) 75 x150;

Length X width (mm) 1800 x3000; 

Border 20 x30x1. 5 mm;

Dipping layer thickness  0.7-0.8,   after dipping: 4.8-6 mm diameter ;

Column:  48 x2x2200 (mm);

Embedded foundation (mm) 500 x300x300 .

Surface treatment:  galvanized, plastic dipping, plastic spraying

Surface color optional: white, green, dark green, grass green, black, blue, yellow and so on.

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